To be truly speaking this is the great way you should start with if you really want to make money online. With Neobux you can make money if you have a website or not. Anyone can benefit from this.

Honestly speaking it will take time to earn a huge amount of money but you will definitely earn some money as beginner and investing that money in referrals you can able to earn more money gradually. The more you concentrate and understand the system the more you can earn from it. Now you don’t have any money in your bank account to start buying some referrals, you can start from zero. All you have to do is to give some time to it on daily basis.Only you need about 10-15 minutes per day to work on this website. If not yet signed, sign up here for Neobux.

What is Neobux?

Neobux is the most trusted and reliable PTC (PAID TO CLICK) Network.

Here are the ways you can earn from Neobux:

  • Clicking and viewing advertisements.
  • Using AdPrize for a chance to win prizes up to $50 or more
  • Completing Mini Jobs and tasks.
  • Completing for money Pollfish surveys you might find in your summary.
  • Completing offers for coins which can be converted to money.

Even if you do not have many offers or tasks or not high earnings in the beginning do not lose your heart because this is where we are going to pull out a rabbit of our hat.

Let’s go into detail of each of the above methods of earning money with Neobux.

  1. Click ads to earn money.

First you login to your Neobux account and click on (View advertisements). After clicking on it a new box will open and you have to click on red colour dot. After clicking on it a new box will open and you have to click on red colour dot. After that a new tab opens along with an ad. Wait that a new tab opens along with an ad. Wait till the advertisement validated and your account get credit of $0.001. You have to repeat it all available ads. For best results one should login several a day to look for available ads. Normally if you are active with your account you are given 4 ads to click per day.

  1. Direct referrals (inviting friends to join NEOBUX).

After being member for 15 days and clicking at least 100 ads you can invite friends and others to join Neobux which are called DIRECT REFERRALS. You will get commission on every ad they clicks. You can get your referral link under BANNERS and share them on social networks or via email or message.

  1. Rent referrals from Neobux to earn more money.

What are Rented Referrals?

Rented referrals are provided by Neobux itself. They are not free and if you are going to make $600+ a month from them, then you have to buy/rent referrals.

One referral can be rented for $0.20 for 30 days. You have to renew each referral after 30 days.

Rented referral is a vast subject. So I am going to keep it simple for the beginners here. However in next article we talk about them in great details.

For now you just rent referrals from Neobux. Neobux offers them in packs and this is the cost of each pack for a member who does not have more than 250 rented referrals.

No. of Referrals                             Price per Month

            3                                                                                                    $0.6
        5                                                                                       $1
        10                                                                                    $2
        15                                                                                    $3
        20                                                                                   $4
        25                                                                                   $5
        30                                                                                   $6
        40                                                                                   $8
        50                                                                                   $10
        60                                                                                   $12
        70                                                                                   $14
        80                                                                                  $16
        90                                                                                  $18
        100                                                                                $20

I promised you to start with $0. Well I am going to keep my promise and ready to tell you how you can start from $0 and reach up to $6 per day. It should not be hard to reach your first $0.6 in a few days or even in a few hours if you click advertisements, use AdPrize, complete Pollfish surveys and / or mini jobs. When you have $0.6 you can rent your first 3 Rented Referrals for $0.6. Did not spend any money from your pocket. Before we move forward I want to ask how much time does it take to reach 0.6?  It is only some minutes per day! So, please do it. Each one of your rented referrals might click up To 4 orange ads per day and each click fetches $0.005.

Step 1:

3 (Rented Referrals) X 4 (ads) X $0.005

(Each click) = $0.06 per day

Waiting Period: 10 days so it reaches 10 X $0.06 = $0.6

Next is buying another 3 rented referrals with$0.6. Now you have 6 (3+3) rented referrals (RR).

Step 2:

6 (RR) X 4 X $0.005 = $0.12 per day

Waiting Period: 5 Days so it reaches 5 X $0.12 = $0.6

See the difference. Now you made $0.6 in just 5 Days instead of 10 days.

Now buy another 3 RR with $0.6. Your RR is 9 (3+3+3).

Step 3:

9 (RR) X 4 X $0.005 = $0.18 per day

Waiting Period: This time 13 days, 13 X $0.18 = $2.34

Buy 10 RRs for $2 ($0.34 is in balance). RR = 9 + 10 = 19

Step 4:

19 X 4 X $0.005 = $0.38 per day

Waiting Period: 10 days, 10 X $0.38 = $3.8

$3.8 + $0.34(balance) = $4.14

Buy another 20 RR for $4 ($.14 is in balance). RR = 19 + 20 = 39

Step 5:

39 X 4 X $0.005 = $0.78 per day

Waiting Period: Another 10 days, 10 X $0.78 = $7.8

$7.8 + $.14 (balance) = $7.94

Buy another 30 RR for $6 ($1.94 in balance). RR = 39 + 30 = 69

Step 6:

69 X 4 X $.005 = $1.38 per day

Waiting Period: Another 10 days, 10 X $1.38 = $13.8

$13.8 + $1.94 (balance) = $15.74

Buy another 70 RR for $14 ($1.74 in balance), RR = 69 + 70 = 139

Step 7:

139 X $.005 X 4 = $2.78 per day

Waiting Period: 10 days, 10 X $2.78 = $27.8

$27.8 + $1.74 (balance) = $29.54

Buy another 140 RRs for $28 ($1.54 in balance), RR = 139 + 140 = 279

Step 8:

279 X 4 X $.005 = $5.58 per day

Waiting Period: This time 16 days, 16 X $5.58 = $89.28

$89.28 + $1.54 (balance) = $90.82

With this method you have 279 rented referrals and you are making $5.58 per day. You can buy another 21 referrals and make it up to 300 referrals. A standard member can have only up to 300 Referrals and no more. So, a Standard Member with 300 (RRs) X 4 X0 .005 = $6 per day (if each referral clicks 4 Orange ads daily).

Which means 30 X $6 = $180 Per Month Let us look at this table to know how many days It took to reach 300 rented referrals and earning $6 per day.

So according to this table it will take around 4 Months to reach 300 referrals fetching you around $6 every day if you have zero amount. Now you will get an idea how you are going to earn $180 per month starting with $0 dollar.

  1. Earn through games.

You can earn by playing games. For every game you play you can earn $0.001 even you lose game but you have to play game for at least 2 minutes. One can earn $0.250 per day by playing games.

  1. Earn through MINI JOBS, SURVEYS & OFFERS.

One can earn through available surveys, mini jobs and offers. Use them to earn more.

  1. Aprizes

We get 4 ADPRIZES for every single ad we click. These are basically lottery ads through which we can earn some points up to some amount of money. Use these to earn more. Points can be used in renewal of rented referrals. So it depends on us how we utilize our time to earn more.


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