Smart Tech Community Web Designers welcomes You

What we actually do:

  • Make high dynamic responsive websites.
  • We make static websites from scratch.
  • Domain registration.
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization).
  • Social Media Creation
  • CMS web design layout

Types of Domains we register:

.com   .org  .net   .dev    .ai   .link  .tech   .xyz   .io  .online   .club  .store   .co   .health   .vip   .biz   .group   .studio    .digital   .tech   .best    .design    .live    .news    .series   .jp    .ltd   .life    .network    

and many more.

Types of Websites we make:

  1. eCommerce website.
  2. Business Website.
  3. Entertainment Website.
  4. Portfolio Website.
  5. Media Website.
  6. Education Website.
  7. Infoprenuer  Website.
  8. Web Portal.
  9. Wiki or Community.
  10. Forum Website.

Quotations are charged per :

  • Static Web design layout.
  • CMS Website Design layout.
  • Domain Name Registration.
  • Website hosting (Yearly).
  •  SEO Search Engine Optimization.
  • Social Media Creation.
  • Email Services.
  • Support.



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