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When you think of generating an income online, your mind naturally goes to setting up a blog or website and using those as platforms to earn. While launching a blog or a money-making site is still one of the best ways to make money online, there are a number of ways to earn extra cash or even a full-time living with no website required.

1. Get started with PTC and survey Network called NEOBUX.

To be truly speaking this is the great way you should start with if you really want to make money online. With Neobux you can make money if you have a website or not. Anyone can benefit from this.

Honestly speaking it will take time to earn a huge amount of money but you will definitely earn some money as beginner and investing that money in referrals you can able to earn more money gradually. The more you concentrate and understand the system the more you can earn from it. Now you don’t have any money in your bank account to start buying some referrals, you can start from zero. All you have to do is to give some time to it on daily basis.Only you need about 10-15 minutes per day to work on this website. If not yet signed, sign up here for Neobux.

What is Neobux?

Neobux is the most trusted and reliable PTC (PAID TO CLICK) Network.

Here are the ways you can earn from Neobux:

  • Clicking and viewing advertisements.
  • Using AdPrize for a chance to win prizes up to $50 or more
  • Completing Mini Jobs and tasks.
  • Completing for money Pollfish surveys you might find in your summary.
  • Completing offers for coins which can be converted to money.

Even if you do not have many offers or tasks or not high earnings in the beginning do not lose your heart because this is where we are going to pull out a rabbit of our hat.

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2. YouTube

Do you know that you can make money by creating a YouTube Channel and upload videos. Two popular ways to make money with YouTube videos include ads and sponsored videos. Ad revenue is as easy as connecting Google AdSense with YouTube. If you don’t have a Google AdSense account, you can sign up for one for free. With AdSense, you’ll earn a set amount for each 1,000 views your videos receive. As you grow your YouTube audience, you may be invited to join a Multi- channel Network and the YouTube Partner Program. This offers additional promotions and ad revenue opportunities that can turn into some serious money made without a website.

Don’t forget about the possibility of affiliate sales on YouTube. Channels that focus on product reviews are perfect platforms for affiliate marketing. In fact, some people make all of their online income through affiliate sales.

Intrigued by making money online without a website by using YouTube? Some popular channel ideas include:

Product Reviews – As I mentioned, product review channels are easily monetized with ads and affiliate links. If you become popular enough, companies may even pay you to review their products in a sponsored video.

How to& Tutorials – Millions of viewers turn to YouTube each month to learn how to do everything from makeup contouring to installing a hot water heater. If you’re creative, handy, or a subject-matter expert you can make money with informational videos that share your knowledge with others.

Vlogging – Video blogging =Vlogging. It’s just like a traditional blog but you are making video entries instead of written ones. You can vlog about whatever you’d like — current events, musings, motherhood, personal finance, etc. Vlogging is the easiest way to get started since you don’t need anything more than a webcam and your own thoughts!

Music – If you’ve got some singing chops or can play any instruments, consider launching your music career on YouTube (Justin Bieber was discovered this way).

Cooking – Do you have some serious culinary skills? Show them off on YouTube and get paid for doing something you enjoy. Cooking channels can be super niche like vegan paleo recipes or tackle cooking with specific instruments like grills or slow cookers.

3. Invest online with as little as $10.

Investing online is becoming the great way to make money in nowadays. Some are making thousands of dollars in their pockets. The investment you will be doing here is trading Binaries and Forex. You will be detecting that the stock will it go up or down in the next preferred time you chose.

You can start that with the following companies:

Choose one or both of them to start they offer you $10 000 free investing account to start with, which you can practise to invest.

Here is my full guide on how to get started with Investing and trading online. Click here to read

4. Do freelancing online.

If you have a marketable skill like graphics designing, writing, designing, web development, marketing, project management, or anything else—one of the easiest ways to make sustainable extra money online is to start freelancing.

Today, over 70 million people are opting to forego traditional careers and start a freelance business.

There’s plenty of work and clients to be found. If you know where to look. To start, you need to know if there is enough demand for your skill to make it worth the effort to go out looking for work. Start by searching for freelance postings on sites like Fiverr, Freelancer, UpWork, GigBucks or one of the dozens of other skill-specific freelance job boards.

How many postings are there for jobs similar to what you do? If there’s a decent amount and it looks like there’s steady demand, put those skills down on a shortlist and start researching the companies and industries that are hiring.

I’ve written a full guide to starting your own freelance business, but here’s a quick list to get you started:

Decide your goal is: Do you want a bit of extra income or are you looking to go full-time freelance? It takes time to ramp up a freelance business working from home, so it’s important to know your goals from the outset.

Find a profitable niche:  What niche do your skills, values, and interests intersect? Do you have 10 years of experience as a technical writer? Do you have long-standing PR relationships that’ll be invaluable in helping start-ups launch a successful crowd funding campaign? Determine what makes your value unique, and lean heavily on showcasing that strength to your potential clients.

Identify target customers: Write down exactly who you want as your client and then start researching those companies and making your list. You’ll want your portfolio and cold emails to align with the companies you’re reaching out to

Set strategic prices: The $60/hr. you earn at your day job doesn’t even come close to the hourly rate you’d need to charge, in order to create the same net annual income, once you’re self-employed. This info graphic on calculating your freelance hourly rate can help you decide what to charge.

Pitch, cold email, and sign your first clients: Now it’s time to go after clients. Mention them in your content. Reach out to them over email or LinkedIn. Tailor your pitch to show what kind of value you bring to the table. (You can even read my personal cold email templates).

Lastly, remember to always have a solid freelance contract in place.

You might be working on small jobs to begin with, but getting in the habit of not starting freelance work without a contract in place can save you big time down the road.

Here is a list of websites you can do freelancing with:


These are the best one for me and for you. You can search more of these and find the best one that suits you and your interests.

4. Affiliate Marketing.

If you have got a good presence on social media or you a website or a blog, you can start bringing in big money immediately by promoting all sorts of companies, products, services and offers online using affiliate links. This is the main way that is being used by so many people out there. Some people are even making six figures per month through affiliate marketing.

As for me this is the great way to make money online. On the internet there are so many affiliates programs in any 100+ niches you can think of. The great way to do this is to set up a website or blog specialising on specific niche of your choice. You can check up on one of my posts ‘the most profitable niches of today’.

Here are some the best affiliates marketing websites you can use:

  • Amazon Associates (affiliates) program. This is the most common one and the considered the best.
  • A2 Hosting
  • Pcloud
  • Teachable
  • Commission Junction.
  • Flex Offers.
  • Offervault.

Watch this full tutorial on how to make moneyn with Affiliate Marketing

5. Amazon Mechanical Turk.

Here is the quickest and easiest way to make money online. It’s more like a paid survey. This service lets you make money online through doing paid micro tasks. In addition each task is something simple that requires human interaction like rating search results, checking for the right spelling on search terms, categorizing the tone of an article, or even basic translating. You can do these tasks from anywhere you want and make money online from the world’s largest e-retailer.

Note that you cannot make a lot of money through Amazon Mturk, you can make about $100 per month. You have to do it the right way if you want to make more than that.

6. Build Online Courses and sell them.

If you’re already an expert in a topic—either through your current job, freelance business, or coaching—you can package that knowledge into a high-value course and sell it for years to come.

And while building, launching, and marketing an online course does take a considerable amount of upfront effort, their earning potential is through the roof (especially compared to a lot of the other online ways to make money we’re talking about).

Courses and other knowledge products like e-books, are what’s called passive income. That simply means that once the upfront time and effort is put in, with just a bit of regular upkeep and marketing you’ll be able to continue to sell and make money from them for months and years.

So, how do you go about putting together your course? One of my favourite online course success stories comes from Bryan Harris of Videofruit, who built and launched an online course in just 10 days that made him $220,750! .“Wow sounds interesting”

To hit this awesome goal, Bryan followed a four-stage process to discover, validate, and launch his course:

Aspect 1: Explore and discover the best topic for his course based on the most popular posts from his blog. This ensured he knew the content was already valuable to his audience.

Aspect 2: Validate that people would actually pay for his course by surveying readers and securing pre-orders. (This is an important part that so many people forget. Never spend serious time building something unless you know there’s a paying audience for it).

Aspect 3: Quickly write, record, and edit the course content. As he already knew there was demand, it made sense to create the content as quickly as possible. He could always go back and update or edit based on feedback from his initial students.

Aspect 4: Launch the course to his email list. The success of your course comes down to getting it in front of the right people. And your own audience, no matter how small, is usually the best place to start. That said, you need to have a clear idea of your launch plan before you put it live.

Now, what if you don’t have a blog with popular posts? Or an email list to market to? Let’s look at how you can build your own online course with no previous experience:

Start by taking other courses you’re interested in: Not only is this important competitor and opportunity analysis, but it also gives you an idea of how a course could or should look and feel. What’s the pacing like? Is it via email, video, in-person chats? Once you understand how you want your course to look, it’s time to decide what it should include. Those same courses are a great starting place. How can you make your course better or more interesting? Do you have experience others don’t?

Choose your niche and check for demand: The golden course combination is when you can find an in-demand niche that aligns with your skills and unique experiences. A great way to do this is to use Google Trends and Google’s Keyword Planner to look for average monthly search volume for keywords related to your proposed course content. Are people actively looking for high-quality information about this subject? Of course, if you’re already creating content for a blog, coaching service, or a site like Medium, you can test demand this way for free just like Bryan did.

Find your niche partners, collaborators, and champions: As you’re creating your course, look for notable people who are also creating content in the space. Look at how their businesses operate and incorporate that into your own plan. You can also reach out to any influencers and make them affiliates for your own course. This way, they’ll be incentivized to share your content with their own audiences (which can be a major way to generate your first sales—it helps if you’re using one of the best CRMs for small business—and start building your own community!)

Create a killer course experience: With your course validated and in the works, you need to figure out how people will take it. Most course creators choose to host their courses from their own websites. This way, they get all the value of bringing customers back to their site on a regular basis. I host my own courses from a subdomain on my own site so I can easily add more. The course experience is incredibly important as well. And after trying most of the solutions, I highly recommend Teachable—an online platform designed specifically for courses.

Build your audience on a course community: If you’re just getting started building an audience for yourself and want to leverage communities already actively looking for content you can choose to host and sell your online course on a site like Skillshare or Udemy. These are easy, cost-effective ways to build an audience and test your niche to see if there’s demand for it.

Market your course: The beauty of using a course to make money online is that you can continue to sell it for as long as you’d like. Look for niche communities on Facebook, LinkedIn, or Reddit that might benefit from your content. Guest post on relevant blogs and sites. Look for anywhere you might be able to get in front of the right people. With just a few hours a month you can continue to generate sales.

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7. Start Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA).

What Is Fulfilment by Amazon?

The FBA business model allows you to leverage Amazon’s robust distribution network and customer base. As noted, Amazon will warehouse your products, fulfil orders and even provide customer service so you don’t have to be hands-on with every aspect of the business.

What this means for entrepreneurs is that you can act like a big corporation without the headache of actually being one. You can focus on finding product opportunities while Amazon handles the rest on your behalf.

In a typical ecommerce business, you have to figure out the logistics of sending products to your customers in a timely manner. However, with FBA, Prime members get most orders shipped to their door within two to five days.

Another common challenge with an ecommerce store is that inventorying and listing additional products for sale can increase the complexity of your business. With FBA, all you need to do is ship the products to Amazon’s warehouse, and the company will take over from there. You can easily increase your product selection without significantly adding to your workload.

Others have gone from an income level of $0 to $50 000 per month within a period of 8 months. These aren’t typical results, but they are an indicator of explosive potential that starting an FBA business can have.

Essentially, the possibility exists to earn a five, six, seven figure income utilizing an FBA business model and leveraging the power of Amazon.

Here are some steps you need to do start Amazon FBA:

  1. Create an Amazon Seller Account.
  2. Pick your Niche.
  3. Research Products.
  4. Establish your product sourcing.
  5. Establish your brand.
  6. Create your product listings.
  7. Market your product.


8. Udemy.

Udemy is one of my favourite places to turn to when I need to learn something. Over the last year, I’ve taken a number of Udemy courses which have ranged from just an hour in length to 20 hours or more.

Through Udemy, I’ve learned about SEO, social media marketing, freelancing, and growth hacking. But Udemy instructors can create videos about anything from beginner’s yoga to how to play the guitar. The average instructor earns $8,000 for each course they create! Udemy provides free course-building tools to ensure you create a course that actually sells. Not only are digital products, like eBooks and Udemy courses, great ways to make money online without a website, they’re also lucrative sources of passive income!

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