7 Most Popular Niches That Sell to Make Money Online

7 Most Popular Niches That Sell to Make Money Online

Most Popular Niches That Sell to Make Money Online

Some niches are easy to build an audience and make money with than others. As you know that profit isn’t in passion, it’s in popularity. My main point is I want to clear all the myths about making money online, that’s why I have written this post, 7 Most Popular Niches That Sell to Make Money Online

7 most popular niches that sell to make money online

Before we dive into real detail ask yourself the following questions before selecting a niche.

  1. Ask yourself why?
  2. Are you passionate about the niche?
  3. Is that niche most profitable?
  4. Does people like your niche? Ask why and always ask why?

Here is a quote for you:

Follow your passion and find a niche that you truly love and yourself in a great position.

When you want to start something there always two reasons which are:

  1. You want to help people do something. This is the feel-good why?. This is why you get to tell yourself and others to keep your conscience clear.
  2. You want to make money that the income reports people to make.

Once you start making money with something, you can learn to become passionate about it real quick.

You can start a blog behind your passion and make money with it but I found it easier to make money in niches that others are passionate about and just become passionate about the lifestyle that blogging allows me to live. So here are some of the niches that I have investigated, and if you really follow the good approach of them you can make good money a month, in fact, you can earn a passive income a month.

1.How to make money.

This niche is the obvious one because when we say profit we are talking money so this one is direct. Some people who are on this niche are making six figures a month, I will list them below. Many beginners on blogging often find themselves asking if they need to start a blog on making money. All of the blogs that teach you how to make money seem to be run by people that only make money through those types of blogs. I have seen many people jumping into this niche and take the wrong approach. 

This niche is an ever-growing niche because everyone wants to make money.

This niche is the most competitive one than others, but if you really follow the good approach of this niche you can make a passive income monthly.

Bloggers in this niche include:

  • Pat Flynn.
  • Bye Regium.
  • Darren Rowse.
  • Melyssa Griffin.

Here are some of the topics you can focus on this niche:

  1. YouTube marketing.
  2. Online Jobs.
  3. Facebook marketing.
  4. Search Engine Optimization.
  5. Blogging.
  6. Online Jobs.

2. Dating Niche.

This niche is evergreen and it will be. As we know everyone needs love. Some people who are in this niche has made a lot of money from both males and females.

Below are the topics or that you may focus on the dating niche:

  • How to kiss a girl?
  • How to make a boy love you?
  • How to make a girl love you?
  • How to kiss a boy?
  • How to get a boyfriend?
  • How to get a girlfriend?
  • How to get your ex back?
  • Dating advice for men?
  • Dating advice for women?
  • How to save your relationship?
  • How spruce your sex life?
  • Many more……..

How to make money online

3.Spirituality and beliefs.

This niche is the most profitable one because everyone in this world has his or her own beliefes. Many people think that spirituality and religion are the same things, and so they bring their beliefs and prejudices about religion to discussions about spirituality. Though all religions emphasize spiritualism as being part of faith, you can be ‘spiritual‘ without being religious or a member of organized religion. So your focus is on helping people with the issues associated with the beliefs if you go into this niche you need to focus on the following things:

  1. Witchcraft.
  2. Paranormal.
  3. Numerology.
  4. Tarot.
  5. Religion.
  6. Magic.
  7. Personal development.
  8. Psychics.

4. Green energy niche.

As you can see that everything in this world almost needs the energy to function properly. Green energy comes with mostly natural sources. 

So you need to focus on the following things if you are in this niche:

  1. Wind Energy.
  2. Solar energy.
  3. Alternative energy.
  4. Battery reconditioning.
  5. And many more………..


5.Health Niche.

This niche is the million-dollar niche. This niche is very huge it has many sub-niches in it. Below are the sub-niches in the health niche.

  1. Weight Loss
    1. For Women
    2. For Men
    3. For Overweight Kids
    4. For Teens
    5. For Specific Body Parts
      1. Tummy Fat
      2. Upper Arm Fat
      3. Double Chins
      4. Man Boobs
      5. Any other body part people are self-conscience about
  2. Weight Gain
  3. Muscle Building
    1. Workout Videos
    2. Supplements
    3. The Sky is the Limit!
  4. Cure Diabetes
  5. Getting Pregnant
  6. Diet
  7. Nutrition
  8. Teeth Whitening
  9. Depression (yup – it’s mental health)
  10. Male Enhancement
  11. Natural Health
  12. Hair Loss
  13. Yoga
    1. Accessories, Mats, Blocks, DVDs, etc
  14. Growing Taller (yes, really)
  15. Quit Smoking
  16. Hemorrhoids
  17. Headaches
  18. Anxiety
  19. Stress Management
  20. Addiction

6.Learning another language.

People travel in many countries with different religion, principles, and language. So this niche is one of the best. You can start with three languages by converting one language with the other and one another. 

The following are the best languages people want to learn all over the world:

  1. Spanish
  2. German
  3. French
  4. English
  5. Chinese
  6. Thai
  7. Italian

7. Beauty and Fashion.

This one for me is the holy grail of successful blogs because not only can you make money but you also gain access to cool events.

The problem though is that it is highly competitive. While the other niches rely on great written content, beauty, and fashion are more reliant on your personality and your ability to continuously get yourself out there.

Most of the big beauty and fashion bloggers focus on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube because they are visual platforms. Once they build a following there they slowly build out their blogs.

7 Most Popular Niches That Sell to Make Money Online | Conclusion

Thanks for the time reading this article it now the time to build your successful blog and start making money. The only advice that I can finally give you is to choose a blog that interests you the most and that you are passionate about.

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