About, my name is Samuel Makumbe and I started my website as a way to teach people about the online staff. I started thinking about this kind of website when I was in ‘ A ‘ level stage.

As you know in my country Zimbabwe there is an economic crisis and a devastating lack of employment. So creating this website on my side is a way of earning a living in my country.

Also, I was motivated by my mentors KudaOnline.com, Patflnn, Nathan Lucas, Poul James and also a website in my country called TechZim contributed to the development of this website.

I was lucky enough to get started working with websites in 2017. This was a time when the internet was just starting to grow. This gave me the opportunity to be part of a very exciting period when things were changing really fast online as technology keeps changing at a rapid pace.

I tried so many things on making money online like Bitcoin mining, Amazon Mturk and many more but they did not work for me. The only thing that stuck around without changing too much is creating a website.

Two things that worked for me as an online entrepreneur was Online Binary trading, Forex trading, Affiliate marketing and Freelancing on Fiverr.

When I was introduced to this industry I took it as a learning process and most of the strategies I use now are the lessons I’m still learning in my daily life as you know that learning doesn’t end.

At first, when I started I didn’t get the results I expected and I went on searching why most people fail in this industry.

Smart Tech Community publishes news, analysis, and opinions on tech and related contextual issues with a focus on breaking it down for the novice whilst still engaging the most sophisticated practitioner. The content that is provided ranges from ‘how to’s’ to master staff on something so as to grow your business as an individual or a company.

It also a market place where the people who visit it discover deals, value propositions, and solutions for their daily life needs. Smart Tech Community acts as an affiliate to merchants, and service providers that want to reach our growing audience and community directly.

This service is based on the trust and audience our community has in the Smart Tech Community brand, therefore, we are careful who we affiliate with.

About Samuel Makumbe

My name is Samuel Makumbe I’m the founder of Smart Tech Community.